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G is for Guarantee


A guarantee may have all sorts of legal and financial definitions depending on where and how it is used. But in the selling process it’s purpose is to affect the psychology of the prospect. This is true of any marketing and selling process, wherever it is carried out – and online we work in a […]

E is for Email

E is for email

​ E-mail remains a powerful communicator and time-saver for business owners. Yes, there always seems to be too much of it but consider that all online marketing is a numbers game and some email does get to your target market – and that email is free – and then ask yourself if you can think […]

Direct Response Marketing

D is for Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response marketing is designed to generate an immediate response from consumers to the extent that the consumer response can be measured.This ability to measure the result of individual aspects of the marketing effort is what distinguishes it from more generalised marketing such as brand recognition and gives it the ability to provide immediate information […]

Call To Action

Call To Action

It’s a fact that people respond better to being told what to do with a specific call to action than to vague requests or suggestions. This is particularly appropriate when they have expressed some interest in your product and changed from being a visitor to your website to being a prospect. Now you need to move […]

Bounce Rate

B is for Bounce Rate

​ Bounce rate is just one of a mass of information provided by your Google Analytics that can help your local business marketing. Only one but possibly the most useful. It tells you how many people left your website from the same page at which they arrived. This might seem like a sterile piece of […]



An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. An ‘Out of Office’ message is probably included in whatever software you use to manage your own email. An ‘out of office’ message is the most basic example of an autoresponder. However, for marketing purposes we are interested in more developed versions […]