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Emotions, Are They Running Your Business?: Local Business Owners Can Struggle To Understand How Their Emotions Affect Their Decisions

Emotions play a big part in our business lives – whether we recognise it or not.  For the self-employed and the small business owner this is even more important as the success or failure of your business rests entirely with you – and therefore also with your emotions.  So we need to not only recognise the […]

Video Marketing In 2017

Youtube video for marketing

The vast majority of adult Internet users watch video online — 78% according to the Pew Internet Project. Whether it is on their mobile devices while travelling or sitting at their desk. The reality is that video is the nearest you will come to face to face interaction – and is by far the best […]

What Do Our Prospects Think Of Us?

While we spend our time trying to reel in prospects with our online marketing – what do our prospects actually think of us? Our results in signups and sales will tell us what is going on with those who have entered our marketing process but what about all those who see our offering but stay […]

Call To Action

Call To Action

It’s a fact that people respond better to being told what to do with a specific call to action than to vague requests or suggestions. This is particularly appropriate when they have expressed some interest in your product and changed from being a visitor to your website to being a prospect. Now you need to move […]

Bounce Rate

B is for Bounce Rate

​ Bounce rate is just one of a mass of information provided by your Google Analytics that can help your local business marketing. Only one but possibly the most useful. It tells you how many people left your website from the same page at which they arrived. This might seem like a sterile piece of […]



An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. An ‘Out of Office’ message is probably included in whatever software you use to manage your own email. An ‘out of office’ message is the most basic example of an autoresponder. However, for marketing purposes we are interested in more developed versions […]