PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising


Pay per Click advertising is when your ad is shown to your target audience but you pay only when someone clicks on your ad to find out more. So the cost is entirely variable with the results.

PPC is usually done first on Google using Google Adwords ads. This is a highly manageable system that can be very productive once you get it right.

The secret to a profitable PPC campaign is to:

  • select the right keywords to target;
  • write the right ads;
  • ensure that only your target market will see them;
  • and continuously monitor and optimise the process.

Adwords are highly flexible and can be ‘geo-targeted’. That means that your pay per click ads will only be shown to people in the geographical area you specify. So they are much more targeted than most local advertising. Only those people who are actively searching for what you are offering and are located in the area that your local business can reach will be shown your ad.

So people outside your catchment area who are never going to come near your business don't even see your ad never mind click on it to waste your advertising budget.

Many people have lost money on PPC because they have not understood how it works and even tried to manage it themselves without getting a professional involved.

The advantage of using PPC is that you can determine exactly how much each lead costs you. When you know the conversion rate from the click to the sale enables you to identify exactly what is your ROI on your PPC campaign.

We have a professional team of qualified PPC professionals available to set up, manage and optimise your PPC campaigns.

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