Discover Why Local Search
Is The Most Important Marketing Strategy
For Your Local Business

Google dominates the search market.


More than 90% of British users your prospects use Google as their search provider

And Google recognises the value of businesses being 'local' for their users and provides the tools necessary to help​

You can tell Google, even without a website;

  • where you are
  • what you offer
  • when you are open
  • how you take payment
  • what your latest offer is...

AND: the majority of your prospects now have smartphones or tablets

- market penetration passed the 51% point back in 2011! (source:Comscore)

AND: your prospects’ mobile devices:

  • know where they are (close to your business  or not?)
  • what direction they are travelling (towards your business or away?)
  • deliver directions to your business by car, public transport, bike or on foot..immediately!
  • can read ALL the information you provide to Google to match with search requests.

AND: people are using their phones, tablets and PCs to search:


When people are out and about they are searching for local businesses – which could include your business - because they want it NOW!

  • 97% of internet users use online media to find local products or services (source:BIA Kelsey)
  • 81% of the smartphone users in the UK search for local business information online (source:Google)

of these: 87% have taken action,

  • 43% visited the business and;
  • 22% have made a purchase (source:AT&T);
  • Comscore puts these figures higher with 72% making a purchase after a local search on mobile phone, and 86% after the same search on tablet (source:Comscore)


..have you made it easy for your prospects to find your business?

local search

To find out how to ensure that your website shows up on Page 1 of Google when your prospects are searching for you – call  me now.

Bruce Bird